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Hello, I’m Mark, the founder and owner of Coast to Hinterland Tours and a passionate local of the stunning Sunshine Coast.

At Coast to Hinterland Tours, we take immense pride in showcasing the beauty of our paradise-like home. From the glistening sapphire coastlines to the awe-inspiring Hinterland, we offer you an insider’s perspective of the finest that the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Our Sunshine Coast Day Tours cater to everyone’s interests, whether you’re a foodie, nature enthusiast, history buff, or beach lover. You’ll discover amazing beaches, untouched nature spots, and charming hinterland villages that will leave you in awe.

With over 25 years of experience in tourism, both in Australia and overseas, I understand what it takes to deliver a first-class day tour experience. That’s why I’ve carefully curated the best highlights and more to bring you the ultimate Sunshine Coast day tours. Come and join us for an unforgettable adventure, and let my dedicated team and I show you the true essence of the Sunshine Coast.

Coast to Hinterland Tours is a Sunshine Coast Tour Operator incorporating storytelling, sightseeing, food & wine into customer-focused authentic day tours, transfers and minibus charter experiences.


Deliver Sunshine Coast’s best travel experiences with unmatched safety, comfort and customer-focused service, every day of the week.


To strengthen our position as Sunshine Coast’s most desired Tour Operator that is respected and trusted by both partners and customers.


We ensure Quality

We are Passionate

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We are Customer Focused

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Meet the founder of Coast to Hinterland Tours

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I am a consummate organiser with a passion for tourism and travel. I’ve not only studied tourism but I’ve also lived it, having visited over 80 countries. Leaving Zimbabwe with my family at age 9, we settled in South Africa before migrating to Australia. After a brief stay in Perth, we settled in Townsville, where I finished school before completing an Associate Diploma of Business in Travel and Tourism. I began working for a local travel agency, before taking over its management. 

Taking a break from the travel industry I ventured into selling print media advertising, developing further my customer service skills. My passion for adventure ignited with the prospect of a working holiday; the UK opened its arms and welcomed me to its shores. I was immersed in travel, visiting over 50 countries during my time away. New jobs allowed me to further develop my organisational and leadership skills, and learn new skills that have become integral to Coast to Hinterland Tours.

Not content to stay in one location or one industry, an impulse decision saw me land in Shetland on the working side of the bar, sharing stories with locals and visitors, before returning to London in a new leadership role. This was another stepping stone, a chapter in a longer story. With my finger pointed the globe turned once more, this time stopping at Slovenia.

Soon work led me back to tourism; I became a Sales & Customer Relations Manager for an online company selling travel packages throughout Europe. 4+ years later, I was back in London, planning my return to Australia.

Settling on the Sunshine Coast despite never having been here before was another challenge to be met. I had lived in 6 countries, one of them where I didn’t have the language, so how hard could it be? I found my feet before I had taken off my shoes, this was my new home; paradise.

Starting a business was the only thing to do. I had found paradise and wanted to share it with as many people as I could, and what better way to do that than to utilise all of my skills and experience to create a company that would allow me to do just that? So I created Coast to Hinterland Tours. My passion for adventure, my love of food, of nature, of where I live, this place was too good not to share.

My life has always been an adventure and I will continue to make adventure my life. The rest, well, it’s still happening.

Coast to Hinterland Tours is your premier destination for unforgettable experiences on the Sunshine Coast.

Since our inception in July 2017, we have proudly established ourselves as one of the leading tour operators in the region, offering a diverse array of scenic day tours, including private food, beer, and wine tours. Our commitment to excellence and passion for creating cherished memories has not gone unnoticed.

Over the years, we have been honoured to receive numerous awards and recognitions, solidifying our position as a trusted and exceptional tour provider. These accolades are a testament to the dedication of our experienced team and the unwavering support of our valued customers.

Join us on an adventure like no other and discover why Coast to Hinterland Tours continues to stand out among the best in the industry

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