Create Unforgettable Memories with the Best Day Trips on Sunshine Coast

A scenic view of a lake house on the Sunshine Coast.

A day trip is the best way to experience a place and get to know it up close. From enjoying the scenic beauty of the land to getting to know the local people and the local history, day trips are sure to bring a great sense of awareness about a place. 

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The Sunshine Coast day trips are designed to incorporate storytelling, experiencing the hinterland, enjoying the food and wineries, and providing an authentic view of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, all the while gaining some local knowledge.

You can create unforgettable memories and have the best time with your family and friends through the day trips on the Sunshine Coast.  

Best day trips, Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Day Tour

A delightful spread of food and two glasses of wine are beautifully presented on a rustic wooden tray on a Hinterland tour.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland day trips are scenic food, cheese and wine tours that provide a glimpse of the culinary delights and scenic attractions of the Sunshine Coast. You can visit a few of the best cheese and chocolate factories and vineyards as part of this day trip.

A few of the places covered under the Sunshine Coast Hinterland day trip are

Maleny Cheese Factory

A wooden board with fruit, bread and cheese on it, perfect for a Maleny cheese factory tour.

With different varieties of cheese on offer, a visit to the Maleny Cheese Factory on the Sunshine Coast is a wonderful experience that you will cherish.

Apart from feta cheese and soft cheese, you will also get Melany Club cheddar range with different varieties of aged cheese. In addition to cheese, you will also find gourmet yoghurt in this cheese factory.

Maleny Chocolate Co

 A box of chocolates in a sunshine coast wine tours box.

To learn the art of handmade chocolate making and to enjoy free tasting of chocolates, you should visit the Malney Chocolate Co at Sunshine Coast.

The company also has a factory outlet where you can purchase good quality chocolate at a great value for money.

Glass House Mountains

An aerial view of a forest and mountains on a sunshine coast sightseeing tour.

A visit to the Glass House Mountains will be an unforgettable experience, considering the unique topography of the region.

Abruptly rising from the coastlines of the Sunshine Coast, these mountain ranges offer a spectacular view of the surrounding islands and passages.

The Barrel @ Clouds Vineyard

A couple strolling through a picturesque vineyard during their Maleny wine tour on the Sunshine Coast.

To taste the best wine of the Sunshine Coast and enjoy the beauty of a vineyard, The Barrel @ Clouds Vineyard is the place to be. The highlight of this vineyard in Sunshine Coast is the tasting hall shaped like a giant wine barrel.

Apart from wine tasting, you can also stay in any of the accommodations on offer.

Flamehill Vineyard

A vineyard with rows of vines and a cloudy sky on the Sunshine Coast.

Yet another vineyard offering estate-grown wine, the Flamehill Vineyard, is a must-visit place if you are looking for hand-picked wines to taste.

Want to have a special lunch or host a special event? Head over to the Flamehill Vineyard, as they cater to private functions.

Secrets on the Lake

For the best lunch on the Sunshine Coast, head over to the Secrets on the Lake, nestled amidst the Blackall range rainforest.

You can have an unforgettable experience enjoying a gourmet lunch while enjoying the beautiful sights of nature. You can also host a wedding or go on a romantic getaway to the Secrets on the Lake.


Enjoy the charm of an artisan village and explore the culture and tradition of the region with a visit to the hinterland village of Montville.

With a stunning coastline view, Montville has a blend of Irish and English-style cottages that take you back to the colonial age. Experience a laid-back village vibe and enjoy your holiday at the Montville.

Mapleton Falls Lookout da

Get a stunning view of the Obi Obi Valley and the rainforest from the Mapleton Falls Lookout. Located within the Mapleton Falls National Park, this lookout is a must-visit place if you are a nature lover who wants to enjoy a great day amidst the beauty of nature.

Sunshine Coast Bites and Delights Tour

The Bites and Delights is one of the best half-day tours. This day tour is perfect for food enthusiasts who enjoy the sight and flavour of local cuisine. Whether traveling solo or in a small group, this day tour will surely provide an amazing experience.

Two individuals, a woman and a girl, exploring an outdoor market filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will visit a few of the best scenic spots, get to know the local produce and how it is made, and have a fantastic day on one of the best day trips in the region.

Ginger Factory

Have fun day trips with your family at the Ginger Factory. With numerous rides and attractions, your kids will surely enjoy and have a fantastic day at the Factory.

Not just that. The Ginger Factory also has a Ginger Beer Garden and Ginger restaurant where you can spend quality time with family and friends.


A wooden cutting board adorned with a delightful assortment of chocolates and nuts.

Get premier Macadamia of Australia at great value at the Nutworks.

You get macadamia in different flavours and textures, such as roasted and salted. We strongly recommend the honey and chocolate-flavoured ones for that authentic taste.

In addition to Macadamia, Nutworks also sell confectioneries and gift hampers you can carry when you head home.

Mr Jones and Me day tour

Located in Noosavilla, Mr Jones and Me is the perfect venue for a delicious lunch. Organized in a casual setting, this space offers bistro favourites you will surely enjoy.

Mr Jones and Me offers separate dine-in, drinks and dietary menus apart from selling merchandise like t-shirts and wine glasses.

Noosa Chocolate Factory tour

If you have a sweet tooth and love the smell and flavours of chocolate, you should not miss out on a visit to the Noosa Chocolate Factory at Noosa Heads.

All chocolates here are made fresh from a single origin, single plantation. In addition to chocolates, the factory also sells speciality coffee that is freshly brewed to perfection.

Sunshine Coast and Noosa Private Tour

Sunshine Coast and Noosa has everything you want for an wonderful holiday. The private day trips to these places provide a lot of enjoyment for the whole family.

Apart from the usual sights like Glass House Mountains, Noosa Main Beach, and Double Island Point, this day tour takes you to some other interesting places as well.

Gerrard’s Lookout

A cloud hovers over the top of a mountain in Brazil, offering a breathtaking sightseeing experience amidst the lush beauty of nature.

The Gerrard’s Lookout in Melany-Montville Road provides a good view of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. If you are a nature lover and enjoy watching the scenery and exploring the beautiful sights from up, then Gerrard’s Lookout is the place to be.

Maleny Botanic Garden

Discover the world of flora and fauna at the Maleny Botanic Garden. The 23-acre garden is beautifully set with stunning waterfalls and lakes. The view of the Glass House Mountains and rainforest in the background adds to the beauty of the garden.

The bird world, with its exotic birds and farm with pigs and rabbits, makes this a wonderful place to spend and have fun with family.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve tour

Enjoy the beauty of the rainforest at the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. Overlooking the magnificent Glass House Mountains, the reserve provides a stunning scenery of tree-filled rainforest.

The place has a walking track where you can take a leisure walk and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the region.

Eumundi Markets bus transfers

The Eumundi Markets, located in the charming Sunshine Coast region, offer a delightful array of locally crafted goods and fresh produce. As one of the top tourist destinations for Noosa tours and

Get the best artisanal bargain and have the best market experience at the original Eumundi markets.

From a vast array of arts and crafts to fashion, jewellery and furniture, a journey to the Eumundi markets is something worth trying when you visit the coast.

The market also hosts special events like live music that make your weekend trip even more enjoyable.


Sunshine Coast is not all about scenic beauty. The various vineyards, breweries, markets and restaurants offer unparalleled enjoyment to one and all. From the beautiful vineyards of Flamehill Vinery to world-class restaurants like Secrets on the Lake, you can enjoy the Sunshine Coast to the fullest when you visit. 

Day trips on the Sunshine Coast ensure that you get to explore the places with the help of a tour guide. With good local knowledge and experience, the tour guide can make your trips enjoyable. 


Unforgettable Memories with the Best Day Trips on Sunshine Coast

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