All about sustainability: Ecofriendly tours on the Sunshine Coast

A lush golf course with vibrant green grass, a sand bunker, and several trees under a partly cloudy sky. White tee markers are visible in the foreground, perfect for a sunshine coast day trip.

Tours are a great way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. By breaking from the monotony of everyday life, you get to enjoy life from a new perspective when you embark on a tour.

But how many of you have thought about eco-tours that are in sync with nature? Have you ever thought of undertaking sustainable practices while going on a tour? Well, we are sure you might not have.

Three individuals walking on a Montville Day Tour forest trail surrounded by lush greenery. Sunshine Coast Hinterland Highlights Tour: Discover Maleny and Montville

In Australia, sustainable tourism initiatives support eco-friendly projects, wildlife protection, community development, and fundraising efforts.

Let us have a look at a few of the eco-tours on the Sunshine Coast that follow sustainable practices. You get to have some eco-friendly experiences and enjoy nature at its best when you undertake these tours.

Eco-friendly tours on the Sunshine Coast

Glass House Mountains tour

Glass House Mountains Australia View

The Glass House Mountains, located in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, is one of the best destinations for eco-tours.

You can take a scenic country drive towards the mountain and enjoy the beauty of the region. Other activities on the Glass House Mountain include walking through the walking tracks and abseiling. You can also visit the “Parrots in Paradise’, a nature and wildlife area in the heart of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland sustainable tourism food and wine tour

A group of people enjoying a sunshine coast wine tour, sitting at a table with beer and food.
A group of people enjoying a sunshine coast wine tour, sitting at a table with beer and food.

How about relishing some local produce and interacting with the local communities? That is what the Sunshine Coast Hinterland food and wine day trip is all about.

A visit to the Maleny chocolate company lets you understand how chocolates are made from locally available ingredients. You can also visit the Maleny cheese factory, where authentic cheeses are made from locally available milk.

Bellthorpe National Park tour

A woman is standing on a wooden walkway in the rainforest during a Maleny wine tour.
A woman is standing on a wooden walkway in the rainforest

Located on the southern end of Sunshine Coast Hinterland is the famous Bellthorpe National Park. The park has a stunning rainforest that is home to exotic birds and eucalyptus forests. The cascades along the stony creek add to the beauty of the rainforest.

You can walk around and spend a day in the national park or camp in one of the accommodations provided. This national park also hosts several activities like horse riding, mountain bike touring and bushwalking.

Australia Zoo

A woman is pointing to a crocodile at a zoo during her Sunshine Coast tour.
A woman is pointing to a crocodile at a zoo during her Sunshine Coast tour.

Another famous eco-tour destination in Australia is the Australia Zoo. You can learn about Australian wildlife and conservation and have authentic encounters with the wildlife when visiting this zoo.

Various conservation shows are also conducted in the zoo, where you can get up close and personal with the amazing animal world.

Marine life Sunshine Coast

Aquarium Images – Browse 1,230,088 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe  Stock

A visit to the sea life is a great option to understand marine life and get to know marine creatures closely. You can view marine animals like sharks, seahorses, rays, jellyfish, and turtles in this marine world.

Other activities include feeding the penguins, swimming with seals, and diving with sharks, all of which are sure to provide a unique experience.

Great barrier reef natural wonders

An aerial view of the great barrier reef on a sunshine coast tour.
An aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef on a Sunshine Coast tour.

Located around a three-hour drive from the Sunshine Coast, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. An eco-friendly tour is incomplete without a visit to the Barrier Reef.

The reef has 400 types of corals and 1500 species of fish, making the whole area a sustainable tourism destination. Covering an area of 348,000, the reef is recognised as a World Heritage site.


If you are all for sustainable travel, the Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer. From the mighty Glass House Mountains to the Australian Zoo, there are many eco-friendly tour options on the Sunshine Coast. You can travel as a small group and indulge in unique nature experiences.

In addition to the above places on the Sunshine Coast, there are several other eco-tour options in other parts of Australia, like Nitmiluk National Park in the Northern Territory, Kangaroo Island in South Australia, and the Blue Mountains near Sydney.


What is meant by eco-friendly tourism?

Eco-friendly tourism refers to following sustainable practices in the tourism industry. These include protecting the environment, empowering the local people and community, and preserving a region’s culture and heritage.

How do you make a tour sustainable?

Some ways to ensure sustainability while touring are to use road or rail transport, pack reusable items, spend money locally, and choose environmentally friendly accommodation.


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