Best Fish and Chips On the Sunshine Coast

A man holding a tray of lobsters on a boat during a Sunshine Coast day trip.

Nothing can make you as happy as a bunch of freshly made fish and chips. Fish and chips are some of the best possible meals you can consume at the beach or anywhere in the beautiful Sunshine Coast & Noosa Region. However, owing to how popular fish and chips are, finding the best fish and chips is definitely challenging.

The Sunshine Coast has absolutely seen a rush in savvy restaurateurs that add their own spin to this legendary takeaway. But here are some traditional old school restaurants and cafes that are kicking goals at serving you the best fish and chips on the Sunshine Coast.

Red Emperor, Noosa

If you are very excited to try the best fish and chips in Noosa, you need to head right over to the Red Emperor located in Noosaville. The Red Emperor offers you pretty much every possible kind of fish. They serve each fish with fat, big, and perfectly cooked chips. Even if you do not think of yourself as a diehard fan of seafood, Red Emperor still offers you a lot of options.

Their dim sim, veggie patties, pineapple fritters, and potato scallops are definitely worth trying and are an absolute favourite for the regulars. Situated along the Noosa River, you can also scout out an amazing position with a great view and relish your catch at the Red Emperor.

Fisheries On The Spit, Mooloolaba

If you are thinking about getting some fresh prawns this Christmas, you need to try Fisheries on the Spit. Fisheries On The Spit always comes with a huge line, which only speaks to its raging popularity. With excellent service, they are always on top of your order and you are virtually guaranteed perfectly made fish and chips here in no time.

Fisheries On The Spit is the go-to place on the Sunshine Coast. Located in Mooloolaba, they serve the freshest possible seafood that is literally straight from the trawler. Their juicy whiting and barramundi are a treat for your taste buds, especially with a side of crispy chips. Fisheries On The Spit can be best savoured for a lunch on the beach, with all the people gathered around you, handling torn paper for plates, that are generally still dripping wet after an eventful morning of ocean frisking.

First opened in 1982, it used to be a local fishing spot where you could find a daily selection of freshly caught fish, grilled, battered or crumbed. Now Fisheries On The Spit has turned into a first-class takeaway, where you will eye off the freshest seafood you can possibly buy off the market. There is also a playground for kids, a family swimming pool and a park right across the road. You can plan to spend an entire day here for the full family fun.

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98 Fish, Forest Glen

When you are craving the best fish and chips on the Sunshine Coast, you might end up trawling along the coastline. However, you might just miss out on 98 Fish, the hidden gem located in Forest Glen right off the Bruce Highway. 98 Fish is absolute proof that you don’t have to be covered in sand on the beach to get some exquisitely tasty fish and chips around the Sunshine Coast.

Pier 33, Mooloolaba

Planning a fun day on the Sunshine Coast? Here is a picture, imagine yourself lounging on the grassy lawn looking over the anchored boats down at the Mooloolaba Marina. You have a refreshing; icy cold cocktail and you are munching on a legendary range of fresh seafood. Definitely sounds blissful right? To live out this plan, you need to head right over to Pier 33 on Mooloolaba. When it comes to fish and chips at Pier 33, there is only one word that comes to mind, even to a food critic and that is perfection.

Here you can also try crushed Kipfler potatoes and market fish fillets served in a huge share-style plate that is sure to fill you and your friends up. Pier 33 offers amazing food for every pallet. If you like your fries crunchy, a bowl of shoestring fries topped off with signature seasoning will definitely impress you. Once you visit, you will stand by Pier 33 and its exceptional ratings for serving the best fish and chips.

The Boat Shed, Cotton Tree

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, you are most probably familiar with The Boat Shed. The Boat Shed contains a very sophisticated restaurant but that doesn’t mean you need to get all dressed up to enjoy your plate of seafood. Located at the Cotton Tree, it also offers you a casual dining option with their hole-in-the-wall where you can order takeaway. Of course, when you think of seafood, fish bites, potato scallops, prawn cutlets, calamari, and sea scallops would come to your mind. But you need to try their fish and chips immediately and you will find yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Here you can get fish and chips in a very extensive range, there is crumbed or battered cod, reef fish, whiting, snapper, barramundi and chips that you can get with chicken salt or plain salt. When you are looking for the perfect fish and chips, you need to be at an excellent location. Located in Cotton Tree Park, it is hard to beat The Boat Shed for the complete overall experience it offers. With this piping hot parcel, you can sit down, park yourself, and experience the incredible taste while enjoying the unparalleled view down the Maroochy River.

You can easily carry your warm little bundle of tasty food right to the mouth of the river, Cotton Tree Park where you can picnic happily or the surfing beach.

The Captain’s Daughter, Peregian Beach

If you are eager to satisfy the hungry plungers in you this summer, you need to give The Captain’s Daughter a shot. Situated right at Peregian Beach. Whether you want to enjoy your food as a takeaway in the park, or you want to sit down in the beautiful alfresco courtyard area and savour your meal, The Captain’s Daughter is a classic choice. Here you can find fish and chips in a variety of options such as flake and barramundi, snapper, served with a lemon wedge on the side along with flawlessly salty chips.

Sandbar, Caloundra

Overlooking the Bulcock Beach on Caloundra, Sandbar comes highly recommended for seafood. It is very popular as a place where you can enjoy a quick bite to eat. After getting fish and chips in Sandbar. You can hop down to the beach and enjoy a Sunshine Coast-style beach dining experience in outdoor fashion. At Sandbar you really need to try out the fisherman’s basket for one, which comes complete with chips, a whiting bite, fish croquettes, and cod.

Chips & Co. Eatery, Warana

If you are looking for fish that is sustainably caught and is served with a side of thick-cut chips cooked to order and loaded up with perfect seasoning, Chips & Co. Eatery is the right place for you. Located in Warana, Chips & Co. Eatery believes in serving food that is real and fresh.

They are very famous for their fish and chips that they actually make from scratch as and when they get an order. You can also try out the king prawn cutlets, sea scallops and their calamari to get a delicious, finger-licking meal. And if you are more into burgers, their Swim & Slaw might be perfect for you.

Hole in the Wall, Marcoola

Marcoola is one of the go-to places on the Sunshine Coast for seafood. It has recently reeled in a new food joint that specialises in a refreshing style of fish and chips that goes by the name Hole in the Wall. Religiously loved by the locals, Hole in the Wall serves some good, classic, old-fashioned, delectable fish and chips. It offers you all your deep-fried favourites along with barramundi and flake and crumbed or battered cod. You need to try this extremely affordable food joint as soon as possible.

Relax Café and Takeaway, Dicky Beach

Located on Dicky Beach, Reelax Café and Takeaway is up there with some of the best fish batters you can find on the Sunshine Coast. Relax Café and Takeaway is famous for serving super fresh fish throughout the week. If you are more into other cuisines, you can also try their gourmet burgers. The Philly Cheese, Rib Eye, Swiss Cheese and Mushroom, Crispy Pork Belly, and Steak and Blue Cheese are a must-try. For health-conscious customers, even have gluten-free options available for all items.

Noosa Boathouse, Noosa

As the name suggests, the Noosa Boathouse actually floats on the Noosa River. As far as restaurants are concerned you cannot literally get any closer to the deep waters even if you try. Noosa Boathouse is a three-level restaurant that offers tasty fish and chips as a takeaway. You can get a family pack or a single meal as well. For kids, they offer a kid’s service as well for just $10. The fish served here is also battered with Byron Bay’s Stone & Wood beer, a match made in heaven. If you visit in the evenings, you can enjoy the sunsets floating over the Noosa River.

Fish and Chippery, Mooloolaba

Fish and Chippery are definitely one of the cooler kids located on the Mooloolaba block. You can head out here and give their special, out-of-the-world sweet potato scallops or potato cakes or sweet potato chips served with fresh water fish a shot. This sweet and savoury combination has the potential to be one of your regular favourites. The way Fish and Chippery makes the two opposite flavours go together is essentially genius. If you are not very big on sweet potatoes, you can give their burgers a shot. With the astonishing view of Mooloolaba Beach to look over, you are sure to enjoy a meal that you love to the fullest.

Noosaville Fish Market, Noosaville

Located in a peaceful area, far away from the crazy crowd, the Noosaville Fish Market came into existence in the 1940s. It was launched as an outlet for local people and travellers even before Noosa came into being.  Noosaville Fish Market flaunts an extremely affordable menu, complete with a fish and chips combo priced just at $8.50 for a normal meal and $6.70 for a kid’s pack. They even include lemon and a finger-licking homemade tartar sauce.

You simply cannot beat the food quality and the price when you need to feed an entire family. Noosaville Fish Market is located near lots of parks where you and your family can have a picnic overlooking the Noosa River.

The Drunken Sailor, Marcoola

Located in Marcoola, The Drunken Sailor features locally obtained seafood. To offer kids the happiest meal they can imagine, they have a Little Pirates menu as well. The Drunken Sailor specialises in skinny potato chips, made with Kiwi, and an NZ kumara scallop. You also need to give their burgers like Old Salt’s Calamari and Chicken and The Good Fish burger a shot. These are made up of completely organic buns to make sure that you get food made up of the best possible quality.


Let’s face it, life is not that long when you eat plain takeout food. When you live in Noosa or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, you can find numerous amazing delicacies that offer fish and chips. Fish and chips are delicious, easy, quick to make, and are universally loved, even by the fussiest eaters. A lot of people even consider fish and chips to be simple, exquisite, and the best of the best when it comes to land-meet-sea cuisine. Hop on down to these places to find the best fish and chips in Noosa and make a day out of it.
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