A Local’s Guide to Eating Out in Noosa

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There are a lot of things that can make a holiday excellent, and great, amazing, delicious meals are definitely a part of them. When you visit Noosa, and want to Eating out in noosa, you can be sure to get a lot of different amazing views and a lot of fun activities to keep you and your family entertained. However good food is definitely one of the most important things that can make all the difference. So, whether you are visiting Noosa for a weekend, a day trip, or even a longer trip, you need to no doubt get the best possible experiences.

There are various amazing restaurants in Noosa that you just have to visit to fill up on sand, surf, and nature. You can spend the entire day out and about and visit these amazing restaurants to end a perfect day on a perfect note. Here are some of the best Noosa bars and restaurants that are sure to impress basically all food lovers and make them fall in love with Noosa.

Sum Yung Guys

Located right at just a 10-minute drive of the Noosa Main Beach, the Sum Yung Guys restaurant is a casual, fun, dining space that honours Asian culture and cuisine, both through its well-curated interior and food design. Sum Yung Guys are run by four partners that include ex-Masterchef alum, Matt Sinclair, and the Queensland ambassador. These partners have together spent years travelling all over Asia for motivation. The outcome is an assortment that includes all of their favoured recipes. The cuisine is carefully curated for its comprehensive deliciousness and punchy flavours.

You need to try the delicious Sum Choi Bao, which incorporates roasted rice, peanut, chilli jam, and pork, on crisp iceberg lettuce. This dynamic Noosa restaurant focuses completely on dining and sharing a good time with good company. Sum Yung Guys also have an extensive range of innovative cocktails that make the dining experience considerably more appealing. It is open throughout the week, for both dinner and lunch, this restaurant is an excellent spot for a buzzing atmosphere and amazing food. The restaurant is very popular, you need to ensure that you book it ahead of time. If you want a restaurant that knows all the flavours that it puts on the table inside out, Sum Yung Guys are perfect for you. Eating Out in Noosa


If you are talking about the Noosa restaurant real estate scene, Sails is definitely one of the top contenders. Sails is an extremely popular restaurant that is sure to live up to your expectations and with good reason. As it is an amazing restaurant that is very close to the Noosa Main Beach, you are able to feel the surf almost spraying away on your feet. Sails are exactly where you need to be for stunning water views and delicious food. Running for over 25 years, Sails is a restaurant dedicated to offering local, fresh produce that is prepared and grown with care.

If you want a carefully designed menu that uses only the best produce available and offers you the most exquisite tastes in the town, this is the restaurant for you. Everything that is offered on this contemporary Australian menu is mouthwatering, but we do suggest that you start out with the charred ciabatta smothered with trout butter house-smoked before you move to a steaming hot bowl of refreshed seafood linguine. At Sails, you can wash it down with everything from the wine list that is award-winning and is spread around three working cellars. Eating Out in Noosa

Thomas Corner Eatery

If you haven’t had the time to venture into the spectacular beauty of Noosaville, you need to head right to Thomas Corner and dine in a trendy industrial setting that offers you serene views of the pelicans, boats, and gum trees all lined up along the riverbank. From this eatery, you get basically all the best things in Noosaville at once. You get to nature, impeccable dining experience, fantastic service, beautiful setting, and you can more or less spend all a fantastic afternoon or evening here.

Thomas Corner Eatery offers you completely locally sourced ingredients. It is virtually Noosa on a plate and works charmingly well for calming you down after a long day. It’s tough to get past the local figs that are paired with maple-roasted pecans, goat’s cheese and the fish that was locally caught today is definitely worth a try. Even if you are just dropping in for a simple snack, you can always have a great time with a glass of wine and a cheese plate. You can also go for oysters and have a great time at Thomas Corner Eatery with your family and friends. Eating Out in Noosa.


When you want to experience the authentic Noosa experience, you need to go over the hill and head right into Noosa Junction just in time for the extremely affordable $5 afternoon specials at Bombetta, a stylish Noosa bar and restaurant. If you want an amazing meal for practically nothing, this is the place to be. With world-class chefs preparing your meal, you cannot find a better meal for a better price. No winter Bombetta is usually completely booked. You need to pay Bombetta a visit between 3 to 6 pm and get treated with an assortment of very affordably priced and delectable Italian treats.

If you can’t make it to the afternoon shift, worry not, you are still sure to be happy once you sit down and grab a scrumptious pizza, pan-fried gnocchi, or hot pot with garlic prawns right at dinner time. You can enjoy many excellent wines here while you drink up the funky high ceilings and industrial feel at Bombetta and ensure that you are going to have an excellent time.


A new setting on Hastings Street, the O-Ren is a consolidated restaurant and brewhouse that specializes in delectable Asian flavours. If you like Asian flavours, O-Ren is always going to stand up and surpass your expectations. The exceptional beer list is a complement of O-Ren’s sister venture Copperhead Brewery located in Cooroy. You can be sure to get an amazing selection of quality wine that is handpicked to go with the amazing cuisine. O-Ren has specifically brewed ales like the Gogo Misu, miso rice and orange, that can perfectly pair with all dishes from the sweet pork relish, and flavorful bar snacks such as lotus chips all the way to the more wholehearted meals, such as the extremely popular braised lamb shoulder served with chilli tamari caramel.

O-Ren is one of the most authentic restaurants in Noosa. You can sit under the ceiling filled with lanterns and get ready to be mesmerized. You can even get transported once you sit down and start your evening. O-Ren is one of the most popular places for a date night as the setting gives couples their privacy with delicious food and amazing wines. Definitely one of the most romantic restaurants in Noosa that you and your loved ones just need to visit. Eating Out in Noosa.

Sunset Bar at Noosa Boathouse

As the name suggests, the best time to visit this contemporary Noosa bar is at sunset. Sunsets here are completely breathtaking. You can simply head up to the third level of the Noosa Boathouse. From the third level, you can find the best possible view of the coast with a clear sunset, changing colours in the sky, flying birds, and swirling trees. Just be sure to slip right into locals mode once you get your hands on some local oysters and a Noosa River Sling cocktail.

Get the whole package here, the amazing views, delectable tastes, cheerful cocktails, and great entertainment. You can pay a visit to the Sunset Bar on a Sunday at 4:30 pm just in time for live performances by local musicians that work hard to make your evening. You may be that fascinated by the lively atmosphere that you may just never leave. Sunset Bar is a great place that you can visit frequently and rest assured that you will have a great time. Eating Out in Noosa.


You need to get a chair at this hip, sophisticated, long bar and restaurant and get yourself a spritz inside the popular Noosa bar, Locale, and you would be right on the Amalfi Coast. Locale is one of the most exquisite places that you can visit in Noosa. Located at a prime location, it reeks of perfection from the moment you enter the door. You can just stay right at the bar and relish the excellent choices of Italian eats, created using the best possible local produce, or sit in the restaurant if you want a cozy yet high-end vibe.

You can select a tipple from the brilliant cocktail list, which essentially features all the possible classics from around the world made with perfection along with a few signature twists and styles. Even if you are a vegan, you are in luck as well. Locale uses chickpea water or aquafaba rather than egg white in cocktails, and hence there isn’t a need to pass up on your favourites. Just be sure to let your servers know and you will get impeccable service here. Eating Out in Noosa.

Land and Sea Brewery and Fortune Distillery

You can get on the pleasant bus to this boutique distillery, and design-forward brewery with craft beer and get right into the Noosa industrial estate. If you are looking for a place where you can try new things and not be disappointed, Land and Sea Brewery is the place to be. You can make a booking here for a pleasant behind-the-scenes tour or simply get a pencil and make a checklist to create your own tasting menu and be creative.

If you are passionate about mindful show techniques and carbon neutrality, you can even enjoy the moreish beer-bites, live music weekends and plenty of vegan options. Dining here is an incredibly satisfying experience for all people of all tastes as you know that you are essentially supporting a business that is trying to fight the good fight.

Humble On Duke

Authentic, creative, colorful, are just some of the types of new delightful dining spots that we want in our lives in Noosa right now. Humble on Duke is humble and definitely, an intimate restaurant that has managed to already set lingoes wagging in and around the Sunny Coast restaurant and hospitality scene all full of its genuine passion, creative twists, and delicious cuisine, for dishing up honest, and good food. Humble on Duke focuses on making sure that you don’t get bored with your food. Eating Out in Noosa.

The restaurant mixes it up with a menu that they change every week religiously, however you can relax a lot knowing that it is going to always be top-notch. Contemporary Australian flavours are always at the centre stage here and are boldly underlined with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices. Flavours and continents combine here on a plate and ensure that they make it a truly flavorful dining experience for you. Try Humble Om Duke to have a truly perfect night in all aspects. Eating Out in Noosa


From casual eateries that dish up amazing international cuisine to fine dining with beautiful waterfront views, you can find everything in Noosa. The bars and restaurants take their food extremely seriously in Noosa. When you have so many choices and all of them give their best to make your dining experience impeccable, it can be a little hard to decide where to go.

The thing is, there are a tremendous amount of incredible eateries, that you may sometimes get a little overwhelmed with when deciding on where to eat. In this article, we talked about some of the most amazing restaurants and bars in Noosa that are sure to help you get the dining experience you want with a trendy, hip, sophisticated and authentic vibe.

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