We Rate The Best Wineries on The Sunshine Coast

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If you enjoy wine, then you’re in for a treat on the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast is home to a range of boutique wineries producing exquisite, award-winning wines.

Not only is it a pleasure to drink the wine that is produced here, but visiting the Sunshine Coast wineries allows you to go straight to the source, meet the makers, and learn about what you are sipping.

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Furthermore, the Sunshine Coast wine region is beautifully picturesque, allowing you to enjoy stunning views as you sip.

We know that visiting all of the Sunshine Coast wineries, sampling their products, and selecting the best is a tough job,. Butt someone has to do it, so we took one for the team.

Before we dive into the best Sunshine Coast wineries, let’s take a look at where the region’s wine comes from.

Where does the wine come from?

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Your wine’s journey begins at the vineyard where the grapes are grown. As the region does not benefit from milder climates for growing grapes, many of the Sunshine Coast wineries source their grapes from the Granite Belt region.

Located approximately 220km South-West of Brisbane, the Granite Belt has elevations ranging from 600-1500m above sea level. Because of this elevation, the nights have a cooler climate compared to the coast, which allows grapes to grow well.

A variety of grapes are grown here and transported to wineries in various locations, including the Sunshine Coast hinterland, where the process of creating wine from the grapes can begin.

Here are our top picks of the best wineries on the Sunshine Coast

Clouds Vineyard

Set in Maleny, upon the breathtaking scenery of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, you will find a multi-function space shaped like a giant wine barrel.

Whilst this is an excellent start, it’s not the only reason why Clouds makes the list. Step inside to taste a range of South East Queensland’s most delicious wines, as well as locally made craft beers from Sunshine coast brewery.

Choose a bite to eat from their mouth-watering bistro menu, or opt for a cheeseboard or grazing platter. Walk it all off with a stroll through the stunning grounds and take in the spectacular views.

Flame Hill Winery

Visit Flame Hill vineyard in the charming hinterland town of Montville to sample their spectrum of estate-grown, hand-harvested wines.

The kitchen cooks up delicious dishes, including beef and herbs that are produced on their own farms. Flame Hill deck and terrace provide the perfect setting to enjoy it all, with views across the rolling hills.

Dingo Creek Vineyard

Head to Traveston to experience Dingo Creek and all it offers. The cellar door has a beautiful rustic charm and a small yet delightful menu of sharing plates and desserts.

Partake in an informative wine tasting to sample six wines of your choice and take home a complimentary Dingo Creek glass. You can even bring your dog (if they’re well-behaved!).

Woongooroo Estate

This one is located a little further out in the Somerset Valley Wine Region, but it’s worth the trip. Woongooroo Estate is a family-owned, boutique vineyard that has been producing premium award-winning wines for almost 30 years.

Not only can you taste their red, white, sparkling, and fortified wines, but also pair them with an individual cheese platter made up of local cheeses that have been specifically chosen for each wine.

Wine tours 

Peruse our offerings of day tours and private tours. Design your own day tour to experience some of the region’s finest wineries without having to select a designated driver.

Our Scenic Food & Wine day tour includes wine tasting at Clouds the Barrel as well as spectacular lookouts, gourmet lunch. Alternatively, take a look at our selection of small group private tours, several of which include popular wineries.


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