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Sunshine Coast Weather, When is The Best Time to Visit?

Is there a bad time to visit the Sunshine Coast? – No!

Sunshine Coast Weather forms one part of the country, which doesn’t really fit in with the whole seasons thing, and instead decides to be hot and wet, or dry and cool. The word ‘cool’ however is misleading, because cool doesn’t mean cold!

There is a reason the Sunshine Coast is called the Sunshine Coast – it’s sunny! This part of the country has the ultimate climate for holidays, no matter what the time of year. If you can’t get much time off work during the peak summer season, it really doesn’t matter, because you can experience fantastic Sunshine Coast weather even when it’s supposed to be winter!

The sun shines here more than most other places int he world, with an average of 7 long hours of sunshine every single day. Can you imagine being able to bask in sunshine for the majority of the time you’re awake?

It’s possible with the Sunshine Coast weather!

Sunshine Coast Weather | Coast to Hinterland Tours
Never Boiling, Never Freezing

Of course, there are better times than others to visit, and it really depends on the type of weather you want. Summer time temperatures, between December and February, average at around 17-28 degrees, although obviously there are going to be days when the temperature on the Sunshine Coast peaks and you have sweltering days. Thankfully, you can always head to the beach to take advantage of the breeze!

The shoulder seasons of autumn and spring are fantastic times for walking in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, where you will usually experience slightly cooler temperatures generally, especially as you head to higher altitudes.

Autumn temperatures average around 13-25 degrees, with plentiful sunshine. Spring time is the same kind of heat pattern, leaving you with plenty of scope for exploring on foot and heading out to check out some of the many attractions, such as the ever-popular Australia Zoo.

Paradise 24/7

Winter is not really winter. If you picture winter to be snow and ice, freezing cold temperatures and snuggling up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate, the Sunshine Coast isn’t really what you’re picturing!

The great thing about this area is that it doesn’t really vary too much from season to season, and that’s why so many people choose to get married here. Between June to August you can expect cooler temperatures, which average highs of around 22 degrees, and evening lows of 7 degrees on average.

Of course, we do need to mention that the weather can change a little depending on where you go. Regional variations are in place, and if you head to the coast, you’re likely to find it a little cooler, thanks to that sea breeze.

Similarly, if you head into the mountains, the higher you go, the cooler it will be. In the winter time, there is also more chance of rain, with altitude especially.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Of course it does rain occasionally on the Sunshine Coast map, but not particularly in abundance, and it is mainly kept to the so-called winter months. The most rain comes during the first couple of months of the calendar year, so January and February are the wettest in the region.

During this time, there is an average of around 300 mm of rain falling across this time, before it levels around to around 40 mm across the winter months. The summer months are therefore quite humid, with more rain and higher temperatures.

To sum it up, basically summer is hot and wet, and winter is cool and dry.

The great thing about the weather in this region is that you can hit the Sunshine Coast beaches no matter what the month, because the sea is never on the chilly side.

Winter averages around 19 degrees for swimming, with summer hitting a wonderful 26 degrees. For this reason, you’ll find beaches quite busy most of the time, making this a great reason to visit the Sunshine Coast, be it Noosa, or any of the other main areas.

The Best Times to Visit The Sunshine Coast

We’ve been quite general up to now and given you the overall climate and the Sunshine Coast Australia weather story, but when is the best time, and for what? Let’s narrow it down a little.

Basically, if you’re looking for lower prices and good weather, between April and June are good times. This is because you’re not going to hit the peak humidity at this time, and this is before the main June and July school holidays start in the region. This should mean less crowds, although do bear in mind that the weekends might still be quite busy, especially at the large attractions.

If you’re a keen surfer and you’re looking for the best time to hit the waves, the autumn and winter months are probably best, so were talking between March and September. In terms of bush walking, or heading into the beautiful Hinterlands, any time is good however for the most comfortable conditions, try July and August. This is of course winter, and you’ll find cool temperatures, which are great for walking without sweating, and less chance of rain, so you’re not going to need too much wet weather gear!


Overall, there is no bad time to head to this wonderfully sunny part of the world.

The weather is generally very welcoming no matter what the calendar says, and you can sunbathe on the beach, even in the so-called winter months! Some months are better than others for certain activities, such as bush-walking, as we just mentioned.

The best advice is to check ‘Sunshine Coast weather today’ online before you head out. The general monthly averages and rainfall levels should tell you about the best time to go for you, and of course if you’re wanting to avoid queues and crowds, stick to mid-week visits to the biggest attractions. 

We are talking about places like the Ginger Factory and Australia Zoo in particular. The latter gets extremely busy during school holidays and even at weekends. Remember, the Sunshine Coast is not that far away from Brisbane, so many families head here for weekend breaks with the family.

This should all help you come to a good decision on when to head to this wonderfully sunny and welcoming part of the world!

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