Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Wine Tasting

A couple strolling through a picturesque vineyard during their Maleny wine tour on the Sunshine Coast.

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Wine Tasting

The Coast to Hinterland Tours Montville, High Tea and Wine Tasting day trip from Noosa or Maroochydore and in-between, is a fantastic Sunshine Coast Tourism activity and a great way to explore the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. However, if you’re new to wine tasting, the visit to Flame Hill Winery may feel a little daunting. So, here we’ll explore some top tips to help you make the most of your wine tasting tour.

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Consider Your Clothing

While you may have an image of being formally dressed a wine tasting, since this guided tour involves High Tea at Flaxton Gardens, time to explore the Montville village, and a Lake Side afternoon tea, it is not likely. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to consider your clothing. It is a good idea to choose darker clothes in case of any spills and avoid any dangling sleeves or clothing fasteners. Remember that you’ll be carrying a wine glass, so you’ll only have one free hand. So, if you want to bring a notebook or smartphone, you’ll need a bag or deep pockets.

Avoid Perfumes and Fragrance

Smell is a powerful sense when wine tasting. You cannot fully appreciate the aroma of a delicate wine if the air around you is heavy with cologne or perfume. Be mindful to avoid introducing unwanted aromatics into the tasting area, your fellow wine tasters will appreciate it.

Plan Your Tasting

At Flame Hill Winery, there are likely to be more wines than you will be able to try, so it is a good idea to formulate a game plan. Work from lighter wines to the heavier ones; start with sparkling wines before moving on to fresh whites before trying richer whites and tannic reds.

Don’t Forget to Eat Something

Drinking or even tasting wine on an empty stomach is just asking to quickly become drunk. So, remember to eat something before the tasting and drink water to stay hydrated. Fortunately, our tour includes high tea earlier in the day, so you can enjoy some tasty treats before you arrive at the winery.High Tea & Wine Group Day Tour, Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Coast to Hinterland Tours, Queensland

Pace Yourself

While you’ll be tasting good wine and not want to “waste” it, tasting size pours can really add up. To ensure that you make the most of your tasting, pace yourself by spitting wine.

Take Notes

While you may be convinced that you will remember the name of that amazing red, once you leave the winery, it will be too late. So, document your favourites with a notebook or use your smartphone camera.

Plan for Red Wine Teeth

One of the unfortunate effects of wine tasting is that the red wine may stain your teeth, so plan ahead for how you will manage this. Brushing your teeth after a wine tasting may damage your tooth enamel, so it is a better idea to drink water and chew gum when you’re finished

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Many people treat wine tasting as a very serious event but remember that you can have fun. You’re tasting some great wines, not doing your taxes, so smile and have a good time. Talk to the wine producer, mingle with the other tasters and choose your favourites to enjoy later.

If you would like to find out more about Sunshine Coast Day Trips, Sunshine Coast Hinterland or our High Tea and wine tasting day tour, contact Coast to Hinterland Tours. They offer a variety of day trips and private tours, and would be delighted to help.

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